About Morgan Pools

Who we are and why you might choose us

About Morgan Pools

At Morgan Pools, we take pride in our craftsmanship, building timeless, elegant, high strength reinforced concrete swimming pools, for people who demand the very best for their family home.

Superior design, low-maintenance construction and a beautifully finished poolside landscape combine to enhance the value and enjoyment of your property.

Our brand reputation speaks for itself, with many prestigious residences around the Auckland region and throughout New Zealand showcasing a ‘Morgan pool’. We don’t build you a swimming pool, we build you a Morgan pool, and our clients will testify to there being a difference.

Every Morgan Pool is constructed or renovated with enduring materials and craftsmanship. We take great pride in our work, with scrupulous attention to detail and quality control from start to finish.

That’s why every Morgan pool is confidently backed by our warranty and we’re available long after the pool is completed to your satisfaction.

We respect your individuality and listen to your needs before custom designing your pool in harmony with your unique architecture, the surrounding environment, family, friends and vision. With our customer-oriented approach, every project can be customized – from concept to finishing – to suit you. We can advise on every step of the process – or only those steps you may require.


If you already own a pool and are considering renovating or remodelling, please contact us to see how we can create a new environment that will work seamlessly with the character of your home

Our Senior Leadership

justin copy

Justin Mihaere



With over 25 years of pool construction experience Justin oversees the delivery of all projects.


Peter (PJ) Mihaere



With over 35 years of management experience Peter oversees the running of the business.


Carlos Morgan



With over 45 years experience Carlos is the perfect starting place for your next pool project.


Justin and Peter are committed to ensuring the value of thriving exists in everything Morgan Pools does

The Morgan Pools Vision

At Morgan Pools we know we are successful when we see clients, staff, contractors, suppliers, and the profitability of the business, thriving.

Brothers, Justin and Peter Mihaere, began their business journey together by establishing an overarching holding company, Eighth Day Group Ltd. Its basic purpose is to see people thrive in every dimension of their lives. When people thrive you will generally find two things, a happy and fulfilled person, and a person who wants to see others happy and fulfilled.

At Morgan Pools we know we are successful when we see clients, staff, contractors, suppliers, and the profitability of the business, thriving. Our clients are thriving because they get to enjoy the unique outdoor environment we have helped create for them. Our staff, and their families, are thriving because they have safe and solid employment and an environment they enjoy. Our contractors and suppliers are thriving because we are able to provide them consistency of work. The bottom line is thriving because we run a responsible and profitable business model.